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2012: Another Year In Review

2012 has finally come to a close, bringing in a shiny new year that still feels clean, bright and full of hopeful unknowns. We can’t read anything on the internet without being overwhelmed by eye-rolling clichés, resolutions and reflections. And yet I completely understand why everyone does it –starting fresh with grand ideas about what the future might bring, letting go of the baggage that the past year piled on us –  it feels quite wonderful. We think for a moment that we could change, and become who we’ve always wanted to be… at least until we fall back into our old habits and repeat the cycle all over again.

As a teenager I was an angsty, emo mess and spent most of my time reflecting and looking back on my life without ever really understanding what I was walking into. As I get older I find that I spend a lot less time in my head, and sometimes am so busy living life that I forget to think about who I’ve become and what I want to be. Writing a “Year In Review” post makes me cringe a little, but there’s probably a worthwhile reason that everyone does it. It’s time to put some of the clutter collecting in my head into words.


I failed miserably at blogging in 2012. Until Mists came out I was in an enormous WOW slump, and once it came out I was so busy playing that I didn’t stop to write. I don’t know if this will ever improve, but I’m not ready to give up. I renewed my hosting for another 2 years in December. I think the only way to really write more is to worry less about focusing on WOW and just spit out whatever is on my mind. I keep saying that I need to filter my thoughts a bit less, but I haven’t managed it yet.


2012 was the most stressful year at work I’ve experienced yet. I spent a lot of time waiting for things that never came, and when things changed in unexpected ways I was completely thrown off guard and had trouble adapting. I went through a whole range of emotions – rage, depression, bitterness, hope, and finally some semblance of acceptance. I like the current project I’m on, I really like some of the people I’m working with, and for now that will be enough. I’m not really sure what the next year will bring, but I need to focus on staying calm and not letting the politics and change stress me out. I need to be more zen.


I neglected some of my hobbies – writing, photography, and drawing efforts were nearly nonexistent. I didn’t play a lot of video games outside of WOW, although I finally finished Portal 2. Diablo 3 caught my attention for a few weeks, but I honestly haven’t given it the attention it deserved.

I did gain a lot of new expertise in different programming technologies and frameworks, some of which is crossover with my career. I also managed to complete my reading goals (55/52) books. With the stress at work I simply didn’t have a lot of creative energy and it was easier to consume content that make it. I hope this is something I can change.


I finally got off my ass a bit and made an effort to focus on my health. In April I started tracking calories and being more regimented about my exercise (twice a week minimum). It went well at first, and at my lowest back in September I had lost 13 pounds. As the weather got colder I backslid a little, but nothing insurmountable. This year I’m going to step it back up a bit and push my workouts a little harder with more efficient circuit training.


My WOW playing was nearly nonexistent until the pre-launch events for Mists. I really do love this expansion – it is everything I could have hoped for. I’ve been immersed in pet battles lately, as well as finally leveling my druid (she’s now 81).

My one stumbling block right now is the complete lack of raiding. We only managed one guild raid before schedules fell apart, and although we’re certainly going to keep trying it doesn’t look very promising. Jardal and I had a very brief affair with a raiding guild, and quickly realized the more serious atmosphere and 3-day a week mandatory schedule wasn’t for us.  It simply comes down wanting to raid with friends, not co-workers. This is still an unknown coming into the new year – I’m not sure how we’ll find a way to get what we want. Will we need to move our mains again (maybe even to another server)? We’re certainly going to continue play with our current WOW friends, but maybe we need to make some new ones too.

Welcoming 2013

To everyone out there in who happens to come across this – I hope that the new year is everything you want it to be. I wish you luck in sticking to your goals, and to letting go of all the crap that 2012 sent your way. Don’t completely dismiss the clichéd words and traditions of this day – reflecting and taking some time to look forward can be a good thing.

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