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A Fresh Coat of Paint

The desire to write has resurfaced several times over the past few months. I even wrote a few posts that are now languishing in the trash bin due to the content no longer being timely.

Last week  I put a fresh coat of paint on the blog in the hopes that it will provide further inspiration and actually get some words published.


Here’s the short version of what I’ve changed on the site:

  • New WordPress theme designed from scratch (uses the Bootstrap framework)
    • Fully responsive for mobile devices through widescreen monitors
    • Large font
    • Lots of whitespace for improved readability
  • Minimized focus on WOW
    • Moved add-on pages/posts into the Guides menu
    • Removed WOW-focused visual clutter like the Deathwing background
    • Re-organized post categories

There is plenty of work left to be done, like cleaning up my blogroll and any other issues that surface with the new theme. It feels good though to shake off some of the dust.

Looking Back

It astounds me to look back and read some of my early posts. The world was different then. I was different then. I was in love with WOW and the community, and everything seemed so shiny and beautiful in retrospect. In our heads we have this grand image of what things were like when the game was in its prime for us. For me that was in the apex of Wrath, right around the time I started blogging. WOW was my escape, my drug of choice, and my social life. I reveled in the unknown still left in the game, and in the thrill that simply playing with others gave me. The memories of that time are certainly encased in rose-colored resin in my mind. I don’t think about the hours I spent crying due to guild drama, or how even then the heartache of watching people leave the game was a constant.

I think there is no denying at this point that the popularity of WOW is on the decline. It was inevitable. We all thought we’d be clinging together, watching the sunset as the servers went down, but reality seldom resembles our imagination. The game has changed, certainly, both for better and for worse, but really that has little to do with it. It’s all about time. In time, people change. Our lives have changed far more than WOW. It doesn’t matter how old we were when we began playing… things are different now. Coming in to the game fresh at this point with so much history weighing a new player down is just too hard. Time invested in this game, in its world and in our friendships is what keeps us playing, but it equally serves to keep them away. This amazing virtual world we’ve invested so much into is simply not sustainable forever.

It took awhile for me to finally admit that the end of my time in WOW was even a possibility. It’s not soon – I’m still enjoying my time in-game (albeit much more limited). I’m still looking forward to announcements at Blizzcon with excitement. I do however, have to be realistic. I don’t play like I used to, and those feelings I once had will never return. I don’t want to be one of those cranky players who keeps expecting Blizzard to reignite that spark with some kind of miraculous new gameplay element. When the end comes, I hope I’ll go quietly and move on with my life.

Recovering from Burnout

I think for a time I was burnt out on video games in general. I feared that I was losing interest in the hobby, and it made me feel awful because it is a part of my identity. It turns out I was just so stressed out and emotionally drained that I had no energy left to do anything even slightly active. It seems like that’s changing. I may not get any better at finishing games, but at least I’m spending some time playing them.

Here’s what I’m currently playing (in addition to WOW):

  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Civilization 5
  • Mass Effect

 Looking Forward

The point of me unearthing this blog is simply to start writing again. The topics won’t be focused on any one subject, and it’s not at all about trying to rebuild the audience I once had. This is as always, selfishly about me. I want to get the words that are swimming around my head down onto the virtual paper. I may write about a new technical gadget, a video game, or simply something that excites me. I don’t know where this will go and I’m not promising anything great.


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  1. Jardal says:
    August 5, 2013 at 9:12 am

    Write write write write write!

  2. August 12, 2013 at 8:55 am

    I love the new look! New paint and decor always inspire me to do things. I was just thinking yesterday that my blog needs a paint job, too. Looking forward to seeing more of you in my reader :)

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